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Do You Have A Back-Up Heat Source?

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With a hotter than normal August (22nd on the all-time hottest list) behind us and plenty of 80-degree days here in September, winter weather is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now. But colder weather will come again this year, like it or not. So will the snow, school closures and the increased chance of power outages. What will you do to keep the household warm if your furnace fails or the electricity goes out? A liquid propane gas heater, with its high efficiency and green technology is a perfect solution.

With the many direct venting models now available, a modern gas fireplace can be installed anywhere in your home, even the bedroom. And you don’t need an existing fireplace, or even a chimney. These units can be vented directly outside through your wall.  This means that 100% of the air used in combustion by your gas fireplace comes from outside the home. The vent can run horizontally through an outside wall, or vertically through the roof, depending on the location. Gas fireplaces by Mendota® are even customizable to fit your décor and they are safety tested,so you can safely add both beauty and warmth to any room in your house

Napoleon® also makes a line of customizable, direct vent gas fireplaces suitable for any room in your home. They, too, are vented directly outdoors through your wall or ceiling, thereby not consuming any of your already warmed inside air. There are both single sided units and double-sided see-through models for sharing heat with adjoining spaces. So, there is no reason for “cold spots” in your home anymore! You can add comfort and value to you home by installing a propane gas fireplace and at the same time protect your family in the event of a furnace failure.

You may have always thought fireplaces were inefficient.

Here’s the difference with a new propane gas fireplace. The gas models heat your indoor space in two ways: Radiation and Convection.

Radiation is the transfer of heat from flames and hot surfaces to solid objects, likes furniture, walls and even people that are in the direct path of the heat source by means of infrared radiation. The hotter the source and the greater its ability to emit heat, the better the radiant heat transfer. What does this mean? When you can see the flame in your fireplace, you are being comfortably warmed by radiant heat. This is what distinguishes gas fireplaces from many other heat sources, including central furnaces.

Convection heating is produced by air currents. A well-designed gas fireplace will have channels around and behind its combustion chamber and air will naturally circulate around the room through these channels by convectionConvection efficiency can be increased with a blower system. Also, fireboxes made of thicker-gauge steel store more heat within the heat exchanger than those manufactured with a thinner-gauge steel. The heavier the total weight of the unit, the more efficient the convection capability.

That’s why an efficient gas burning fireplace is the perfect solution to back up your home’s heating system and protect you and your home from the cold weather.

Head into this winter season worry-free with an energy efficient propane gas fireplace for a dependable, back-up heat source. Protect your family and save money, too!

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