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A Fireplace Installation Guide to New Homeowners

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October 22, 2018
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September 22, 2022
Picture this. You’ve built your new dream home with the finishing, final touches on design elements and furniture. Something’s missing. The final puzzle piece. The part of your home that fills the air with an aroma of charred wood — all while keeping you cozy on those nights when the cold winter weather creeps in. A soothing, warm ambiance with every crackle, sizzle, and pop. A reason to cut down on heating costs. A Fireplace. Where do you begin? There are thousands of fireplace styles to choose from. Asking yourself the following questions will help you narrow your search.

1. What room will house your fireplace?

A Fireplace installation company can service any part of your home! Determining whether your fireplace will be installed on the interior or exterior part of your home, will impact the fireplace you choose. Choose a gas, electric, or wood fireplace that best compliments your space. A gas fireplace requires proper venting. An electric fireplace can be installed anywhere with a power source.

2. Will you choose based on looks, functionality, or both?

Consider if the use of your fireplace is recreational (i.e., a basement or outdoor living space), or more suited for a work environment (i.e., an office space).
With the help of technology and innovation, you can control your fireplace from your mobile device. Dine with your favorite cuisine, while watching your hearth’s dancing glow. To keep your hearth radiant and safe, fireplace cleaning and repair services are recommended at least once a year.

3. Which fireplace best suits your home?

Think of your home’s design and style. Decide what will best suit your living space. Determine if you want your fireplace to be the focal point or an accent in the room.

4. What finish will your fireplace surround?

Your fireplace installation is complete. Now it’s time to consider the wall and hearth that surround your fireplace. Stone, cement, or brick tiles are some of the most popular and trending wall finishes. A mantle is another added touch that can provide depth add a great space for holiday decor.
Fireplaces add an aesthetically pleasing and functional element that transforms your house into a home. For more inspiration on customizable designs and styles, visit our fireplace store in Hampstead, MD. For fireplace cleaning and repair services, click here. Our hearth experts have the knowledge and experience to help you find the perfect fireplace for your home.