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Is Your Fireplace Pet Safe?

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December 20, 2016
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January 25, 2017

Winter is a word that couldn’t describe itself any better. Fortunately for us who dislike the cold, it also means that it’s time to turn on our gas and wood burning fireplaces to enjoy the warmth. An experience that is even more enjoyable for pet owners, however is your fireplace pet safe? When it comes to pets and fireplaces, it is important to understand their love for warmth and to ensure a safe area for them.

“How can I keep my pets safe?” I hear you ask.

When operating a wood-burning fireplace, we can never say it enough: Don’t forget your Damper!!! This might be the ultimate and first thing you should check before lighting and putting out any fire. Forgetting the damper before starting a fire can be deadly to both you and your pet.

While you may already have heatproof glass doors, they aren’t made to resist hits (anything can happen). Fortunately, there are many options you can choose in order to protect both your pet and your fireplace doors, because let’s face it; heatproof glass doors are not the cheapest thing to replace. If you don’t have a screen, we strongly advise you to get one! It’s crucial to put an obstacle between your fireplace and your pet. This way they will avoid getting burned by the high heat coming from your appliance. There are many decorative options, so you don’t have to worry about a fireplace screen cramping your style either.

Training is the key to a safe and enjoyable environment.

In order to create a safe area for not only you but also for your pet, it is important to teach them that the area around the fireplace is not a play area. Establish boundaries as much as when the fire is lit than when it isn’t. Make sure to have play time confined to another room of the house, even treats should be given elsewhere than the room containing the fireplace.

Then, make your pet understand that it is a relaxing zone. Bring its bed to a safe distance from the fire and use this moment to pet them calmly and slowly; create a safe feeling of security. Do not forget that our little companions have warmer blood than us, and love lounging near the fire just like us.