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“Historic Snowstorm” moves through Maryland

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January 20, 2016
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Breckwell Pellet Stove

More cold and snowy weather is predicted. Does that make you want improved heating capability for your home, using environmentally friendly technology? Then check out our November blog Pellet Fireplaces and Stoves to find out if a pellet stove is right for you. They make an excellent backup heating source during a Snowmaggedon, and pellet stoves can save you money the rest of the year with efficient heating of your most used rooms.

Here are some answers to frequently asked pellet stove questions to help you prepare for the next Snowpocalypse.

Q: How do I regulate my wood pellet stove? 

A: That depends on the stove you choose, but most have both a manual setting and an automatic setting that operates via either a wired thermostat or wireless remote. Breckwell brand pellet stoves have models with both. The optional thermostat can be adjusted to achieve the desired level of constant heat output.


Q: How do I vent my new pellet stove? 

A: Your new pellet stove is installed with a vent pipe to the outside of your home. It’s typically a specially designed 3” or 4” pipe that is directly connected to the vent located on the rear of the stove. It should have about 5’ of vertical rise somewhere in the flue run terminating in an unenclosed area outside the home. This means it cannot end in a carport, garage, sundeck, porch or other area where fumes may accumulate.


Q: What are wood pellets made from? 

A: There are a number of sources for wood pellets, including a variety of lumber and hardwoods. Some of the raw materials used to make stove pellets include sawdust, wood chips, lumber mill scraps and often the remnants of wood manufacturing operations, like furniture and cabinets. These materials are then processed for consistent heat value, moisture content, and burn characteristics. Pellet stove pellets are often called biomass fuels because they are organic materials produced in a renewable manner.


Q: How are pellets packaged? 

A: They typically come in 40-pound bags piled 50 to a pallet and double shrink wrapped to keep each bag dry for best performance.


Q: Can wood pellets be delivered? 

A: Yes! For your convenience, Tevis Home will deliver pellet stove pellet pallets right to your home.


Q: How often will I need to clean my pellet stove?

A: For optimum performance, a pellet stove burn chamber must be cleaned once a week. You’ll want to remove all ash from the burn pot and use the tool that came with your stove (or a putty knife) to scrape off and remove any hard carbon deposits. Use a paint brush and vacuum to clean any ash or dust from the blower motor and internal mechanisms. Do this once per each ton of fuel you burn. The flue should be cleaned with stove pipe brush once per season.

Today’s pellet stoves are a high-tech device with a circuit board, a thermostat and fans, all working to provide efficient, “green” heating for your living space while complementing your décor.

Want to know more about saving on your winter heating bills while the helping the environment, too? Visit the Tevis Home store and check out the Breckwell line of free-standing pellet stoves and pellet fireplace inserts. The Tevis professionals have all your answers!


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