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Should I buy a used fireplace or stove?

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February 8, 2016
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Used Fireplace or Stove

Everybody loves a bargain. But is it a good idea to buy a second-hand fireplace or heating stove? The answer: that depends. A well-built, quality fireplace or stove will last for years if used correctly and properly maintained. However, the condition of a used fireplace or stove is the most important factor that will help you determine whether it’s a good buy or not. Just as you would test drive and ask questions before you purchased a used car, you need to check out the appliance you’re considering with equal scrutiny. Ask questions and try to determine what its true condition is.

Here are some good questions to ask the seller:

  • How old is it? Less than 15 years is a good rule of thumb.
  • Were you happy with it? If so, why are you selling it?
  • How often did you use it?
  • Has it ever been repaired? If so, what parts were replaced?
  • How often did you have it serviced?
  • What type of fuel has been burned in it? Did you burn only seasoned wood?
  • What was the original cost of the fireplace or stove?
  • Does the used appliance meet building code and insurance requirements?
  • Is there any warranty left?

While positive answers to these questions will help you determine the value, if the fireplace or stove has obvious signs of excessive wear and tear, your decision is made easier – pass on the opportunity. You’d be better off buying a new product because any cost benefits you might realize in buying a used appliance will be quickly lost if it is already nearing the end of its usefulness.

Once you’ve made your mind up that you’re getting a good bargain on a used fireplace or wood stove that is in good condition, there are some other issues to take into consideration. Having a fireplace or stove installed can be just as expensive as the product itself. Between the cost of adding a chimney pipe, along with labor costs, the expense of getting everything done right so that the appliance can be used safely may be more than the cost of purchasing the pre-owned fireplace or stove itself. If you are enclosing the stove pipe of an older fireplace in a new wall, is the estimated life of your used appliance worth the expense?

Although prices will vary by individual seller, used fireplaces and stoves can be an excellent way to update your decor and provide additional heating for your home. But compare the costs to installing a new unit carefully. A new model may be more efficient, comes with a warranty and can save on modifications for installation as well. Be sure to check out the full line of new fireplaces and stoves at the Tevis Home store before you buy used.

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