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Regency Gas Fireplaces

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Experience full fire views with highly realistic flames, artfully crafted log sets, and a wide assortment of options that allow you to customize your traditional gas fireplace to best suit your home and décor. The traditional line of gas fireplaces from Regency offers classic fireplace designs with the latest in gas fireplace technology. Advanced ignition systems, thermostatic remotes, and highly adjustable heat outputs that make enjoying your fireplace all year round easy. The Regency Contemporary Fireplace line is the perfect complement to today’s decorating trends of clean and minimalist living spaces. The large portrait or linear gas fireplaces exude elegance and beauty and make every home brighter.


  • Series Available: Grandview, Bellavista, Panorama, Horizon, Ultimate
  • Models Available: G600C, G600EC, G800EC, G800C, B41XTCE, B41XTE, B36XTCE, P36, P36E, P36D, P90E, P33, P33E, P33CE, HZ40E, HZ54E, U900E, U1500E
  • BTU/hr Range: 20,000-42,500
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