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Hearth Service Plans

Service Plans for Propane Heating Equipment

Tevis Home offers two types of service plans to meet your individual needs, Total Service Pak and Comfort Service Pak. Contact us today to ensure your appliance runs at peak efficiency. Service plans include your annual clean and service and offer protection from unexpected system repair costs. Together, this helps insure that your system is running safely and at peak efficiency, and helps catch small problems before they become big problems. As a result, we find that propane appliances covered by a service plan typically cost less to operate and last longer than those without coverage.

Service Options

Hearth Total Service Pak:


(Monthly CMP $20.75)

  • Includes one annual 17 point clean and service (scheduled during normal business hours)
  • Covers normal wear items (thermocouple, thermopile, and pilot assembly)
  • No diagnostic fees for service calls
  • Annual automatic renewal
  • Priority service customer
Hearth Comfort Service Pak:


(Montly CMP $14.09)

  • Includes one annual 17 point clean and service (scheduled during normal business hours)
  • Gives 15% discount off of any parts that may need replaced
  • Annual automatic renewal
  • Priority service customer
  • 50% off Diagnostic Fee
No Service Plan:


  • Standard clean and service
  • Diagnostic fee: $79.00
  • Clean and service after diagnostic: $89.00
  • Parts: full price

Our 17 Point Clean & Service is offered with the Hearth Total Service Pak and the Hearth Comfort Service Pak


  • Vacuum heat exchanger and firebox
  • Remove and inspect glass for cracks; inspect gasket
  • Clean glass
  • Remove and vacuum logs, inspect for cracks and or broken logs
  • Clean and inspect burner, check shutter adjustment for proper setting
  • Clean and inspect burner orifice
  • Clean and inspect thermocouple and thermopile
  • Test ignition and safety controls
  • Check operation of convection blower, if applicable
  • Remove and replace batteries in remote and receiver, if applicable, (batteries extra unless customer supplied)
  • Check wall switch for proper operation, if applicable
  • Clean and inspect pilot orifice for proper flame pattern
  • Check vents termination for blockage
  • Check manifold pressure at valve; adjust, if needed according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Check and inspect all wiring and connections
  • Supply and install any decorative rock wool for maximum visual appearance

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We look forward to helping you enjoy the many benefits propane has to offer!