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Grilling Equipment for Smokers

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March 23, 2016
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May 4, 2016
Primo Grilling Equipment

We love utilizing our Primo Smoker. One of our favorite things about smokers are their ease of use. You don’t need fancy grilling equipment to produce an amazing tender piece of meat. But if you are looking for new ways to use your smoker, there is grilling equipment you may not realize is available. With just a few simple additions to your smoker you can bake, saute and even fry your meat. 

Did you know you can bake on your smoker? With a pizza stone, you can make authentic wood fired pizza, bake breads and even make scrumptious desserts.

A cast iron griddle is also a great addition to your smoker. It will allow you to fry, sear and sauté meats and vegetables. 

We have all heard of beer can chicken. But having the grilling equipment to make this tasty treat better is a plus. The Chicken Sitters are designed to infuse added flavor and moisture into whole poultry. Just add herbs, spices, garlic and onions to beer for an incredible moist and favorable dinner.

The only pieces of grilling equipment that are essential for using your Primo Smoker are the Heat Deflector Plates and Heat Deflector Drip Pan Racks. These are required for indirect cooking, such as smoking, roasting and baking. You can upgrade these deflectors so that you can have two controlled heating zones within one smoker. This allows for different types of meat to be cooked at once.  

If you thought your smoker was only for smoking, you thought wrong. Which piece of grilling equipment is right for you? With the many choices available to you, your backyard will be making the neighbors jealous all year long.  

Wondering what the difference between smoking and grilling is? Check out our blog post about smokers. 

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